Ancient Corn Collection

Ancient Corn Collection



Celebrate our corn heritage and grow this wonderful collection of traditional and heirloom corn varieties. These five rare varieties highlight the incredible diversity of our native corn genetics & include corn grown for ornament, grinding, fresh eating and popcorn.

This Collection contains five individual packets, one each of the following:

Nothstine Dent - 100 days (dent; grinding) A delicious heirloom corn from northern Michigan, Nothstine Dent is an outstanding variety for making cornmeal. A favourite for short growing seasons, this corn is early-maturing and productive. Seven-foot stalks produce 7" golden yellow ears. (50 seeds)

Painted Mountain - 80 days (grinding, fresh) Open-pollinated variety that was developed over 20 years from a number of old varieties. Genetically diverse, a very early producer, very hardy, tolerates poor soils. Multi-coloured kernels of orange, gold, red & purple. (30 seeds)

Stowell's Evergreen - 100 days (fresh) This corn variety comes with a tale of treachery and greed! Nathaniel Newman Stowell developed it in 1848 and eventually sold two ears of seed corn to his friend for $4.00 with the agreement that it would be only for personal use. The friend promptly turned around and sold it to Thorburn & Co for $20,000. It subsequently became one of the most favourite sweet corn varieties for home and market. (30 seeds)

Strawberry Popcorn - 100 days (popcorn, ornamental) Short stalks produce tiny, strawberry-shaped cobs that are very ornamental and do, indeed, make great popping corn. (50 seeds)

Glass Gem - 115 days (flint, popcorn, ornamental) The most beautiful corn I have ever seen! Developed over many years by Carl Barnes from his extensive collection of traditional varieties and then Glenn Schoen, it was released in 2012. Each cob has a different combination of jewel-tone coloured kernels that resemble glass beads. (30 seeds)