Companion Planting Collection

Companion Planting Collection


Companion-planting is a time-honoured,traditional method of increasing garden productivity by planting crops together that benefit each other.


This collection contains some of the most universally-beneficial plants for the garden. They aid the growth of your crops, attract beneficial insects and deter insect pests.


The collection contains:

  • Basil - excellent companion for beans, cabbages, peppers and tomatoes; Onion - companion for amaranth, beets, cabbages, carrots, leeks, lettuces, peppers, strawberries and tomatoes (100 seeds)
  • Radish - good overall benefit for the garden including beans, beets, carrots, chervil, cucumbers, lettuces, melons, parsnips, peas, spinach and squash (300 seeds)
  • Nasturtium - provides general protection for the garden by repelling insect pests including beetles and aphids. Attracts hoverflies, which are beneficial to the garden  (20 seeds)
  • Borage - excellent companion for most plants in the garden, bee and wasp attractor, adds trace minerals to the soil, repels tomato hornworm caterpillar; poppy - overall good companion for the garden, attracts beneficial insects including hoverflies (60 seeds)
  • Sweet Marjoram - companion for cabbages and all brassicas, asparagus, cucumber & is of general benefit to all garden plants (200 seeds)



All our seeds are non-GMO and open-pollinated.  Our seeds are untreated and non-hybrid. All our seed collections are lovingly created by hand by us! We're a family-owned and operated Seedhouse located in Southern Ontario with over 20 years experience in growing and seed saving.