Faery Garden Collection

Faery Garden Collection


In the days when people accepted the existence of fairies (I still believe!), they always included in their gardens some plants known to be loved by the fairyfolk. Plant these seeds and who knows? - you could entice fairies into your garden! A wonderful present for the fairy-lover in your circle. 


This collection package contains five individual seed packets of the following varieties:


  • Poppy (200 seeds) - brings fairies into your dreams
  • Foxglove (100 seeds) - a beloved fairy-flower
  • English Thyme (70 seeds) - a home for fairies and allows you to see fairies
  • German Chamomile (300 seeds) - attracts fairies to your garden
  • Wood Betony (50 seeds) - protects against spells of mischievous fairies. 







All our seeds are non-GMO and open-pollinated.  Our seeds are untreated and non-hybrid. All our seed collections are lovingly created by hand by us! We're a family-owned and operated Seedhouse located in Southern Ontario with over 20 years experience in growing and seed saving.