Short Season Tomato Collection

Short Season Tomato Collection


We've gathered together some of our earliest maturing tomatoes to help ensure a successful tomato season. Ripening in less than 70 days, all these cultivars are more likely to produce a crop during times of cool seasons or late blight.\


This collection includes five individual seed packets containing 30 tomato seeds each of:

  • Black Prince - 69 days. Indeterminate. This Siberian heirloom roduces deep reddish-brown fruit with dark brown/black shoulders. Juicy, sweet fruit has a prolonged harvest period. 
  • Glacier - 55-60 days. Semi-determinate. Developed in Sweden in 1985, this extremely early tomato ripens well in cool weather and produces lots of small, red fruit with a very sweet taste. Potato-leaved.
  •  Ropreco - 65 days. An outstanding paste and sauce tomato originally from Italy. Produces an average of 30-35 bright red, meaty 2 oz fruits per plant. Good disease resistance. 
  • Silvery Fir Tree - 60-70 days. A Russian heirloom that produces medium red round fruits on determinate plants. It gets its name from its beautiful foliage - silvery-grey and finely dissected like a carrot top. 
  • Black Cherry -64 days. Small cherry tomatoes are a deep mahogany brown and are produced prolifically all season. The flavour is rich, full & sweet with a hint of smokiness.



Note: varieties may change based on availability. 



All our seeds are non-GMO and open-pollinated.  Our seeds are untreated and non-hybrid. All our seed collections are lovingly created by hand by us! We're a family-owned and operated Seedhouse located in Southern Ontario with over 20 years experience in growing and seed saving.