Three Sisters Garden Collection

Three Sisters Garden Collection


First Nations people planted our native vegetables in a companion-planting combination that worked most effectively for all three: corn was planted, beans were planted to grow up the corn and squash was planted to grow all around them. The corn provided support for the beans, the squash kept down the weeds and its prickly stems kept out the wildlife. T


The ancient varieties in this collection were actually grown in Three Sisters gardens of long ago:

  • Hopi Blue Corn- 100 days. Origially developed by the Hopi people, it's used to make blue cornmeal. 
  • Hidatsa Shield Figure Pole Bean (90 days) A dry bean with beautiful maroon and white markings, it was one of the first cultivated beans and was grown by the Hidatsa peoples in North Dakota.
  • Hopi Orange Squash (90 - 100 days) C. maxima. An ancient squash that is an excellent keeper, it produces large, orange fruit that weighs 12-15 lbs. The yellow flesh is very tasty and good for baking and soups. Resistant to squash borer. 



Note: varieties may change based on availability but will be authentic Three Sisters crops




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